31 week update

Well 30 weeks ended up being a real mixed bag of a week!

I’m not sleeping well at ALL and its curtailed exercising in the mornings as getting out of bed is hard enough. I’m still doing fine exercise wise, just have to do something in the evenings instead! I got a 5km walk in tonight, my feeling is anything is better than nothing! And I did feel much better for it.

On Friday we went to Berrigan to see George & Bridge, Malachy and little Lennox. Even though we could only see them for a few hours it was still awesome. Malachy adored playing with ‘Fanky’!

Saturday morning the man abandoned me/headed to Thailand for work and after dropping him off at the airport I immediately cut down these bushes that have been bugging me along our driveway. I was also going to shovel the pebbles in our front yard into a neat pile, but I was stuffed after that small amount of ‘gardening’. 

Saturday afternoon Rach arrived for a visit which was great! It was cool to be able to show some actual changes in the house (..and me too I guess). On Sunday arvo we went for a bike path cruise. I didn’t totally exhaust myself and she didn’t die of boredom riding so slowly so I’ll call it a pretty good ride! Also I made it up the hill again with no trouble. In your FACE hill!

Monday afternoon I had my 31 week midwife appointment, which I had to go to as a single mother. According to the scales I have lost weight and I was a bit worried at first but apparently everyone was weighing less that day. Phew. Also doesn’t make much sense because then Grape measured at 32 weeks, so – big! I’m starting to wonder if my fear of being late to anything might have already been passed to my child. So hear this Grape, it is okay to not be early this once! But please be punctual.

I am loving feeling Grape wriggle around, according to the midwife the head is still down and its back is lying along my right side. I wish I knew how they know that, right now there’s a big lump sticking out my right side, is it a knee? Or is Grape mooning everyone?

Until next week,

– Jen

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One Response to 31 week update

  1. Kristy says:

    Best wishes for junior’s punctuality. As I read this, I wondered if I should sort my own out pronto, long before peanuts, grapes and jellybeans…

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