32 week update

Like every week I was stoked about getting to the 32nd week as of course then I’m REALLY pregnant :-p, 33 weeks feels like its going to be a bit of a nothing week, but then 34 weeks will be a big deal, as will 36 weeks. I think what is going on here is that I just like even numbers…

As of tomorrow I only have 15 days of work to go which a few weeks ago would have excited me but now I am terrified because I have SO much to get done before I go and I’m not getting any ‘spare’ time to do it, there’s lots going on – which I like but it doesn’t bode well for a getting time to do a decent handover to my replacement. I am also way too tired to work longer hours, which is what I would normally do.

I will definitely be happy not to be stuck at a computer all day as sitting down all day is killing my lower back at the moment, overall I can’t complain too much because its miles away from the pain I had in the first trimester, its more of an annoyance than anything and a reminder that sitting down all day is not good for you!

Last night the man decided to put the pram together which we both thought would be just opening the box and sticking some wheels on…first mistake! The instructions were challenging to understand but we put it together without too much difficulty. Then we got to the bassinet insert and that was clearly where we were being tested as future parents. We figured it out, eventually, and it might have been a bit easier had I realised there were written instructions at the back as well as the pictures..oh well!

What else? I went to Melbourne for work and Grape and I got totally spoilt by my workmates, lots of super cute little outfits!

And I’ve started swimming! Finally! The first time I just wore my old swimmers, which was okay but I wasn’t that keen on baring my belly and so I ordered some maternity swimmers online, which fit perfectly! I’ve been twice now with my friend Matt and its been really good! Definitely something I’ll keep doing a few times week. The water is great, doesn’t even feel like I have a belly!

Here’s a photo of the man looking chuffed after putting the pram together. To test it out he made us each do a timed lap of the house. I was 20 seconds slower than him, but I hope to improve in round two. Yes, of course we are grownups! What if I have to outrun a serial killer with Grape in the pram sometime?


Until next week,

– Jen

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One Response to 32 week update

  1. Michelle says:

    Also you are 32 weeks more pregnant than Matt. So I think you did really well!

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