35 weeks – chocolate coated onions and a firestorm of emotion

This week was a big week, I finished work today which is a little weird. I think its going to be weirder on Monday though!

I’m still keeping pretty active, well what I think is active for being 35 weeks pregnant! I walked to and from work twice, but walked to work everyday, swam twice – and I’m planning on swimming tomorrow morning too. Shoulders are still holding up, but I really struggled getting through 1km the other morning just because I was tired. I feel like I am repeating myself every week by saying I’m tired. And yes yes, I know its going to only get worse.

This week was a week of encounters with ‘those people’, the ones mummy blogs tell you about, those people who tell you what to do…or in the case of one gem, what not to do with babies.

This is a conversation I had with someone via instant message this week:

Person: Hey Jen, in case I forget good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. Hope you
realise your life of freedom will soon be over!
Me: haha thanks (I think)
Person: hehehehe I told my sister the same thing 15 years ago, she now wishes she’d
listened to me and had reconsidered the whole child thing
Me: Oh well, too late now!
Person: There’s always adoption!

I didn’t bother responding.

I’m over the whole ‘say goodbye to the rest of your life’, ‘if you think you can’t sleep now, wait until the baby arrives’ comments. They far FAR outweigh the number of people who have said “this is such a special time” or “you must be so excited”. Because we are really excited…stop ruining it for us! Even if those things about sleep are true!

Then today, a guy said to me “enjoy eating that chocolate because you can’t have it when you’re breastfeeding” (because apparently babies can’t tolerate chocolate flavoured breast milk) and then…and THEN “you can’t eat onions either, at all, not raw, not cooked, not AT ALL”. Gee thanks guy. If I listen to you I’m going to have give up chocolate coated onions. Babies really do suck! Seriously, onions?

One of the what to expect when you’re pregnant websites listed being a ‘firestorm of emotion’ as something to expect this week (although the man would say..just this week?). I *have* been a leetle bit more emotional this week. I blame the concreter that didn’t show up on Wednesday for starting it. That was my first proper renovation related tantrum, which I still feel was warranted given the complete lack of  progress in the past few weeks. It didn’t get me anywhere but I feel the man (and maybe some of the neighbours) are much more aware of my interest in progressing the renovations sooner rather than later.

On a much more positive note, finishing work means more time to rest which I am definitely looking forward to. I do have lots of little jobs to do next week, which I think is good as it gives me a bit to do. On Monday morning we have our 36 week lobstertrician appointment which I’m also looking forward to.

Oh and, its the weekend!!

– Jen

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