37 & 38 week update

So where were we? That’s right I was off for a growth scan when I was 37 weeks.

The scan itself went okay and we left feeling reassured everything was totally fine. The man had the day off so we decided to go to the movies as we were both so relaxed.

After we got out of the movies I checked my phone and had three missed calls from the doctor….I was a bit freaked out (read: a LOT freaked out) and when I rang they said they couldn’t find why they had called me. Eventually we sorted out it out and they said the lobstertrician would see me that afternoon.

So the lobstertrician tells us that while Grape appeared fine, he or she was only in the 3rd or 5th percentile for its size (depending on the sex of the baby) and was what they called IUGR. I would have to be monitored closely and he was trying to book me in for an induction as soon as possible. Thankfully the soonest booking he could get was the following Wednesday. We left and headed over to the hospital for another CTG. I was to have another one on the Friday, then another scan on the Tuesday along with another CTG.

We didn’t want to tell anyone I was being induced because it kind of ruins the surprise! And everything was fine on every scan and CTG so there was nothing to worry about. I was so disappointed about being induced as I was looking forward to going into labour naturally and this seemed so unnatural!

I ended up telling my parents and a couple of close friends – I had to tell someone!!

My mum told me I was two weeks late and only 6 pounds 9 so Grape was very similar! I think IUGR probably hadn’t been invented to stress out new mothers back then.

The scan on the Tuesday went okay, it was very quick and Dr Wass just commented that the sooner Grape came out the better (bit more worry). The CTG that afternoon was still totally fine though. We left hospital thinking wow, we’ll be back tomorrow to meet Grape! But we had just gotten home when they rang and bumped my induction to Thursday. I was pretty happy about that, an extra day to get my head around it!!

So Thursday afternoon we went to hospital, had yet another CTG and then the gel which was hopefully going to kick start labour. I spent the night in the same room as a new baby and its Mum and it cried all night so I had a terrible nights sleep. All I could think was that tomorrow night it might be my baby keeping someone awake! I didn’t feel like the gel was doing anything so I wasn’t in a great mood Friday morning!

…to be continued!!

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