Thanks Mr Postman

Either I am super lucky lately or couriers have stepped up their service but the last few times I have bought something online it has turned up the next morning.

Yesterday at lunchtime I bought a pair of shoes online and this morning at 8am a courier delivered them to my door!

How awesome is that!! Three weeks ago the same thing happened, I bought a new bike light online and it turned up the next morning!! Gen Y’s like me constantly battle the need to have something immediately vs having to pay more it than if we bought it online and now it’s not ‘quite’ immediate but it’s good enough for me!!

How good is that!! Tell me, is it just me or is this the norm now?

– Jen

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One Response to Thanks Mr Postman

  1. Cam Simpson says:

    It’s the norm here in the US. I COULD drive 15 minutes with bub in tow to buy, for example, a new pair of runners. But I know my size, and I know online it will be delivered to my door in 48 hours. I’m mindful I’m depriving my young daughter of an opportunity to shop, but I figure she’ll have many years ahead of her shopping WITHOUT Dad….

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