The last thing that made you cry

// For the next 50 days I am doing Fat Mum Slim’s 50 things to blog about challenge – in no particular order.

Number 19 on the 50 things to blog about list is ‘The Last Thing That Made You Cry’.

The last thing that made me cry was when we watched the final episode of How I Met Your Mother last week. Although this morning I was so tired and sleep deprived I almost cried when I burnt my toast.

Foxtel had a Season 9 marathon of How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) and we series linked it then watched about 4 episodes a night until we got through them all. Good lord it was sad. I won’t spoil it, although mind you I’m probably the last person in Australia to see it.

A bit like the last episode of Friends this was an end of an era. Except apart from watching Season 9 on Foxtel we pretty much watched all of HIMYM online, definitely different to watching one episode at a time of Friends on tv every Monday night at 7:30pm as we were growing up!

Favourite character – definitely Lilly…or maybe Barney. Orrr maybe Robyn when she screams at Patrice! Nobody asked you PATRICE!! But not Ted! Ted and his on again off again love interests drove me insane – just like Ross from Friends and JD from Scrubs. Aaargh guys, pull yourselves together!

While I’m mentioning Ross from Friends – were they on a break or not? I say NOT, the man says they were!












Fun fact – I wasn’t the only person in our household watching the episode who cried.

– Jen

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One Response to The last thing that made you cry

  1. Someone TOLD me about he ending of HIMYM (not a spoiler, but I was interested to know) – and *I* had a choking in my throat/eyes. P.S. Don’t go see “How To Train Your Dragon 2”, without a box of tissues ! (great movie – but my wife had tears rolling down her face – LOL !)

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