#15 The most difficult decision you’ve ever made

// For the next 50 days I am doing Fat Mum Slim’s 50 things to blog about challenge – in no particular order

Today’s post is #15 The most difficult decision you’ve ever made. Write from the heart.

Getting down to the business end of the 50 things to blog about now! I tried not to do the easy ones first but that’s obviously what I’ve done as I’m struggling with the tail end!

Most difficult decision I’ve ever made.

Well I guess it would probably have to be in 2011 when we were living in Melbourne and the man got made redundant. Things looked bleak until a tip off from a friend about a job in Wodonga and of course they loved him and they offered him a temporary position. At the same time he got offered a post-doc position in Melbourne.

We decided the man would turn down the post doc position and give the job in Wodonga a go. Obviously with a view to maybe moving back if the job worked out.

For a few months we lived apart, him in Albury with my parents and me looking after our place in Melbourne.

I can say this without checking with him but it was a hell of a lot harder for me to consider leaving Melbourne than it was for him. While he had one close friend there, I had all my close friends there and most of his close friends were up in Albury. They’re my friends too, especially now – but at the time it felt like I was leaving all my friends behind.

Buuuuut on the plus side my family is in Albury. Albury is a nice place to start a family of our own. Its so much ‘easier’ to live here than in Melbourne. It made sense to move back.

But I still didn’t want to. I was in a really good place with my riding buddies, my work….me me me, I, I, I ….you get the picture. What about the man? What did he want?

The man had found this hideous house in East Albury of all places. Really? East Albury? Ew. Look, just a taste of the hideousness…

whinrayBedroomRenovate it he said, it will be easy he said.

Anyway, I digress.

Eventually after me digging in my heels (or my cleats rather) I had to make the call and acknowledged that everything pointed to moving to Albury and we said yes to buying the hideous house and moving back.

Many, many tears followed but two years later I have to admit that I/we made the right decision.

Where we would be if we’d stayed in Melbourne I don’t know. I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t be enjoying little man. Its kind of one of those sliding door decisions I guess.

I still miss Melbourne and I still have a moment every time I get to that point driving in on the Hume where you can see the city skyline, *ah there it is*!

But its not quite the same anymore and now I also feel the same way driving into Albury – oh its good to be back in my little town.

We’ve made a heap of friends here, the hideous house has worked out pretty well – its not hideous anymore! Another point to the man. The man has ‘the boys’ his group of mates, they’re a great bunch of guys and we are so close to all of them and their partners and there’s starting to be kids everywhere – I absolutely love it.

And being close to my family is unreal too, I’ve gone from seeing them a few times a year to sometimes a few times a week, especially my Nan.

So the man as much as I hate to admit it, and although it counts as the most difficult decision I’ve ever made – it was a pretty good decision in the end.

– Jen

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