#14 The day you started blogging

// For the next 50 days I am doing Fat Mum Slim’s 50 things to blog about challenge – in no particular order

Today’s post is #14 – the day you started blogging – what were you thinking.

startbloggingOn the 13th of May 2005, I decided to start a blog. I have no idea what I was thinking, I’d stumbled upon some blogs I liked to read and thought ‘ heyI can do that!!’

I was initially put off when a friend said ‘who would want to read about what you do every day’. She was probably right, my readership is not exactly your Woogsworld or Dooce but I’m glad I stuck with it. I don’t think I would have had any aspirations of greatness then as back in the olden days you just blogged for yourself not to make money or anything!

Those with a keen eye might have noticed I’ve been blogging a bit more lately. I’m trying to give the blog a real go for six months and see what happens. The more I write, the more I feel like writing so hopefully I can keep it up.

Here’s a link to my first ever post. Compelling isn’t it.

From memory the early blogs I used to read (and most I still do) were:

Anthony Malloy
Daniel Bowen – Diary of An Average Australian
Renlish (or another variation)
Pumpkin Diary

I’m sure there were many more but those are the main ones! I follow maybe 30 or so blogs on Bloglovin’ but I know there are so many more out there I would love to read, I really like it when I find a new one I like and add it to the list. I was pretty slow to the whole RSS/feeds thing, I wasn’t even upset when Google Reader was canned. My Mum was, but I wasn’t.

I read a few different types too, yes your Mummy blogs feature heavily in there but also lots of athletes, foodie bloggers and some gardening/cooking blogs.

What else? Oh I love comments on my posts, they make my day! On here or any of the socials, Facebook, twitter and instagram.

Here’s some links to my top posts:

1. Tour of Bright 2012 Race Report (C grade)
2. Coffee’s hot and the toast is brown…its not? Well it should be.
3. Meet Dusty. Probably the best thing we’ve ever bought! (review LG Roboking)
4. 2013 Mt Buller Road Race – C grade
5. The happiest reason ever for feeling like crap
Sydney – through the eyes of a Melbourne snob.
7. 36 weeks – where the first day of maternity leave doesn’t go to plan
8. Review: Garden Tuscany (Moonee Ponds)
9. I was next to you, and you were right there next to me
10. I had 15 people telling me to move, I got moving on my mind

Thanks for reading!!

– Jen

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