Hi, I’m Jen from Jentopia. You may remember me from such blogs as jentopia.blogspot.com, and that’s it because I don’t have any other blogs.

This is important to remember because:

  • jentopia cats is not affiliated with me
  • I’m also not the jentopia from ‘notes from Jentopia’
  • nor am I the jentopia from livejournal.

Anyway I started blogging in 2005, just after I met the man. Back then I was at uni and living in Albury. Then I graduated uni, got a job and soon after moved down to Melbourne.

We bought an apartment, acquired some charming felines and then got engaged. Then we sold the apartment and bought a house literally around the corner! We got getting married later this year married in October 2009. In November 2013 our son Angus arrived on the scene and the blog moved more from bikes to babies!

Now you’re all up to date! No more reading those pesky archives!

Once a month I put out ‘Song of the month’, you probably won’t like it, but nobody usually comments on it so just let it go.

That’s about all you need to know!

– Jen