Here comes johnny and he’ll tell you the story.. hand me down my walking shoes.

It’s no secret that I vote Liberal. Yes there was a brief period of time earlier this year when I thought I might vote Labor (brrr) but then I stopped watching the piece of garbage Sunrise has become, shook my head and remembered that voting Labor would mean change and I don’t do change.

I knew Labor would win but I didn’t realise how rattled it would make me feel. Remember that I am only 23, I’ve only been old enough to vote in one other federal election and that John Howard has been PM since I was 11! 11!! I don’t know anything else!! I’ve never experienced this side of a democracy. To me, the party I vote for, or would vote for wins. Ok I don’t think democracy is the right word..seeing how everyone votes. But to me, whoever I vote for wins anyway! It’s just not right.

So what happens now?

– Jen

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