27 weeks and kicking along

27 weeks today! Grape and I have been going along pretty well this past week or so.

I had today as annual leave from work because I had my gestational diabetes check this morning and had a few little jobs planned for this afternoon.

For those who don’t know the test involves having blood taken, then drinking 300ml of the sweetest drink known to man, then waiting an hour having more blood taken, then waiting another hour and having more blood taken. I also had a few other things they wanted blood for (I think anti body check and also vitamin D) so the first lot of blood was about 5 tubes worth. The first sip of the drink was okay and I got through the first half thinking this is not too bad, but by the last mouthful it was pretty rough!

I didn’t mind waiting around at all. It was kind of nice just to have time to sit and not do anything. I read a bit and also did a bit more on a sudoku I’m playing. By the end of it I was feeling like a pin cushion though.

I won’t find out the results until next Monday when I have my 28 week midwife checkup.

It feels like Grape is doing very well though, lots and lots of movement except for one day last week when I was just getting the odd jab here and there, but not enough to make me feel confident it *was* a kick I’d felt. A few presses on my tummy and glasses of cold water and the man had to tell me to stop torturing it. Sure enough by the time I went to bed it was wriggling a bit more and then at 3am Grape got revenge and started doing cartwheels.

Since then though its been back to normal and definitely in a cycle of sleep/wriggle. As I’m typing this its wriggle time!

Depending on the website you read this week Grape is 36-37cms long which seems massive! All of a sudden I don’t feel so big anymore! Where is Grape fitting!

I’m still on the ‘getting stuff done’ warpath and this afternoon instead of sanding and sugar soaping like I’d planned, the getting stuff done ended up involving shopping and spending $$. Which was actually probably a nice thing to do after getting jabbed this morning.

I had a coffee and something to eat straight after I left the hospital and bumped into a friend I haven’t seen in ages that I’ve been meaning to catch up with. She walked into the cafe just after I got there, so it was amazing to be able to catch up totally unplanned like that! Once I was fed and caffeinated I was walking back to the car and saw Bonds had a sale on. I actually went in to look for some basic t-shirts and the like that might fit Grape and I in them and noticed they had bras on sale.

I am a terrible bra shopper. I tend to bite the bullet once every so often and get them fitted properly and then stubbornly refuse to do it again until my bras are falling apart. I’m not exaggerating. Or in my new case, until they actually don’t fit properly anymore! Anyway, I finally got myself organised and picked up some new ones. Hooray. And again, shook my head about why that was so hard to do (it wasn’t!). And also, that was a great place to buy bras. The girls there were really nice. And helpful.

I then went looking for a new top to wear to a dinner I am going to on Wednesday night with some girl friends. I have one or two nice-ish ones left that fit so wasn’t too worried if I didn’t find anything. I really can’t find anything in any maternity shop that I like, it all seems a bit fuddy-duddy or resembles a moo-moo. What’s with that?

I will have to look online, just not sure about sizing! I did find some new skinny jeans though! I had resolved NOT to EVER buy maternity pants but while my regular skinny jeans fit me perfectly fine in the legs, butt and sides…they are struggling to fit Grape in them comfortably. But I found a pair that look identical to my regular ones but are soooo much more comfortable. I figure I’m only going to get bigger! They were on sale too, only $29. $29 for a pair of jeans that fit two? Bargain! I didn’t end up finding a top but no matter.

What else? Oh yeah I picked up a 1st birthday present for a friend’s baby and also a present for a friend who just had a baby. I’ll wrap them and will walk down and post them later today.

Pretty happy with how my day off turned out! I’m off now to sugar soap some walls before the man gets home.

– Jen

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